Follow Josie on the Story Express as she takes you on a journey that inspires, entertains and excites the imagination with her interactive approach.

Josie's stories have a clear beginning, middle and end, to produce a clear message or moral that appeals to listeners of all ages.  Josie's stories build vocabulary and language skills, bring history to life and offer a new and exciting way to view the world. 
 headshot of Josie

Born and raised in Georgia, south of Atlanta, Josie graduated from Georgia State University.  Josie worked in the corporate world for much of her adult life.  She discovered her true calling as a performer, approximately twenty years ago, while volunteering as a story reader at her son's school.

Josie's storytelling has taken her across the Southeast.  She has authored several books and has a collection virtual storytelling DVDs available to be purchased at

Josie is a member of KUUMBA Storytellers of Georgia
Laughter Yoga International and is DBE certified.